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#643 Antique Blue Spongeware Sink
 #643  Antique Blue Spongeware Sink
 #643  Antique Blue Spongeware Sink

#643 Antique Blue Spongeware Sink

Please call 208-317-3247 to order.
This sink measures 15 3/4 inches in diameter by 6 inches deep and goes by product code # 643

All my sinks have been thrown on the wheel, then those sinks with overflows
have an additional bowl and pottery slab attached
( for the faucet with popup drains to work)
( vessel sinks will take any faucet: drain plugs will be separate)
Then the sinks have to slowly dry for 2-3 weeks before putting them into the kiln
for the first firing. At this point , the bisque sink will be glazed
one of several colors (clear, white, green, blue, maroon, or yellow )
and decorated with several options ( spongeware ,white splash black splash,
white sparbleware, green sparbleware, or just left as a solid color).